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Economic Security Initiative Readiness Assessment
Are you ready to lead the Economic Security Initiative (ESI) in your community? Take this survey to see if you have what it takes to succeed. At the end, you’ll receive an overall readiness score.

Who should take this survey.

Complete this survey as a team. Be sure to include:

1. Executive level staff who oversee the strategic direction of the organization.

2. Case managers and frontline staff who have helped clients access benefits, housing assistance, money management, and/or employment via in-office, inā€home, or phone over at least 3-6 months. Remember to include all staff who have frontline functions.

How to take this survey.

1. Allow at least 30 min to complete this survey.

2. Before you begin, print a blank copy, so you can see what is asked and gather the answers.

3. Gather data on:
a. Frontline staff and supervisory staff numbers and credentials
b. Staff tenure
c. Average caseload

4. If your organization has more than one program, answer this survey for the one program you think is most ready to implement ESI. Answer questions from the perspective program, not yourself personally.

Thank you for your interest in ESI! For questions, contact Genevieve Waterman at genevieve.waterman@ncoa.org

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